Clinics We Offer

We seek to offer the full range of NHS General Practice services. If you require a specific service please feel free to ask if it is one that is commissioned or provided privately (e.g. medical reports).

Our clinics provide longer appointments with an opportunity to discuss preventative care, treatment and disease management.

Asthma Clinic


Our nursing team can assess your asthma, offer advice on management of your condition and answer any queries. 


They will also see asthmatic patients at other times by request.



Blood Pressure


For a routine measurement, please utilise the upper waiting room monitor at your convenience.


Please copy us into your readings – record forms are available by the machine. Hand to reception, or you can email with your name and date of birth to



Cervical Smears


Our practice nurses are trained to carry out cervical smears.


It is recommended that all ladies from the ages of 25 to 64 have a cervical smear on a regular basis as advised by the DoH.


Child Health / Immunisation Clinics


Child Health Surveillance - all child development checks are carried out by our team of Health Visitors. Appointments are sent by the Health Visitors support staff.


Childhood Immunisations - the immunisation clinic is held every Wednesday morning by a Practice nurse. Click here for the NHS recommended schedule

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic


Health checks and lifestyle advice are given to patients who have coronary heart disease, primarily by the Nursing Team. 


The practice runs its own electrocardiography (E.C.G) service.



Diabetic Clinic (Nurse Lisa)


This clinic is run by the diabetic specialist nurses to help patients manage their diabetes.


Regular follow-ups and annual screening are important for the prevention, early detection and treatment of the complications of diabetes. Advice is given on all aspects of diabetic care including eye problems, foot care and dietary advice, as well as drug and injection treatments.


Family Planning


All of our nurses can give general advice about all matters of contraception and perform coil checks, however Tracey and Denise can issue repeat prescriptions for the pill. Emergency contraception can be offered up to 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. Please telephone for advice if required.


Our doctors fit coils & implanons after the appropriate review. 


Maternity Medical Services


All the partners in the practice are able to provide antenatal and postnatal care, although we recommend that the midwife carries this out whenever possible.



Minor Surgery

Dr Kausar, Dr Sahni and Dr James all undertake minor surgery on the premises.


Vacciations & Immunisations

Vaccination against influenza is available every year from mid September to December by appointment. We encourage all patients over 65 and all patients with diabetes, chronic chest conditions, (including heart disease), asthma, renal (kidney) disease, residents of nursing and residential homes and the elderly, to take advantage of this service, although others can be vaccinated on request.

There are also a variety of other immunisations available for adults including tetanus and polio vaccinations given every 10 years or when necessary, rubella and travel immunisations.